Flanders DC & MAD Brussels 2nd selection

Flanders DC & MAD Brussels 2nd selection


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“Not only is the collection of artist names impressive, the idea that you are buying a unique jumper makes this young brand all the more appealing.” 

Gilles Mayk Navangi
“Painter and illustrator Gilles Navangi Mayk translates his origins into subtle drawings. He gives stereotypes a surprising twist and places them in an unusual way.”

Subjective Editions
“Subjective atlases are bottom-up cartographic publications mapping a country, region or city by the inhabitants themselves.”

Erratum Fashion
“This young label knows how to capture the modern urban vibe in colourful collections. Elegant clothing finished with refined details. Made in Brussels, inspired by the African sun.”

King Comf
“Based on the patterns of vintage Japanese kimonos, these housecoats are processed so that as little fabric as possible is wasted.  One size fits all, also for men.Designed in Belgium, made in Portugal.  Unique pieces for unique personalities.”

“Chloé Henris knows how to turn everyday icons like an American baseball cap into something very special by turning it into a luxury item. Her collection consists of matching more playful designs worth exploring.”

“Designer Mathilde du Camp d’Orgas walks into the spotlight with her fluorescent buckles and belts, made with an eye for recycling. Everything is handmade.”

Alex Cordova
“He will keep on painting and taking photographs but most of all he wants to explore the use of video to communicate his views on the outside world.”

“Ana Maria Gomez is a designer with roots in Colombia. This translates into beautiful textiles that are in the process of breaking through internationally. Her plaids stand out because of the use of colour and texture.”

“Designer Nicolas Brevers creates light and atmosphere in the home with his objects. His sculptural lighting elements are real eye-catchers.”

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