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03 June 2023 - 12 December 2031

Théâtre Molière, Square du Bastion 3, 1050 Ixelles
"La Fleur de l’être " traces the path of a quest for identity, a delicate journey from one truth to another, to reach what is called the ineffable beauty of the soul.

22 March 2023 - 22 April 2023

Uccle - Brussels
Noureen and Shbilee are acclaimed miniature painters from Pakistan, who have exhibited extensively in their country, in the Gulf and in the USA. This is their first visit in Europe. They come from a long lineage of court painters that dates back to the 16th century and have maintained the workshop tradition, working often jointly on some pieces. Both Shiblee and Noureen are keen observers of the society they live in and the transformation it is undergoing. They have found inspiration in earlier movements such as dada, pop art and surrealism in their critic of consumerism and mass industrialisation. Their first visit in Belgium will give them a chance to explore these movements within their historical context.

04 March 2023 - 12 December 2031

La Châtaigneraie à Flémalle
La Châtaigneraie offers a selection of works created by female visual artists who address portraiture or self-portraiture in their work. In the age of the smartphone, it has never been easier to take photos of our loved ones or to pose for selfies. One can therefore question the value of the [self-]portrait in art today. This collective exhibition, which brings together eleven female visual artists around these concepts, proposes to reflect on them together through the works presented. More information at https://cwac.be/exposition-autoportrait-au-feminin.
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