Gilles Mayk Navangi

Gilles Mayk Navangi (°1990) is a French painter, illustrator and sculptor based between Paris and Brussels. He graduated from the Superior School of Art and Design of Amiens (DNAP).

His eclectic vision pushes him to express his creativity in multiple ways, using different supports, mediums and media…

His work presents a dreamlike universe of graphic motifs, stylized vegetation and colorful human silhouettes. His reflections focus on the phenomenon of civilization, with a particular interest in primordial African culture.

He reinterprets and appropriates moments in the history of African civilizations in order to change certain popular stereotypes. G.M. Navangi tends to create a panel of graphic characters tracing a temporal thread, from Ancient Egypt to Afrofuturism.

This need to reappropriate his cultural heritage in an artistic practice is manifested through the new artistic and creative Afrodescendant generation.

In his work, he also proposes a graphic representation of the human body and a reflection on the patterns.

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