From this collaboration was born a lamp in which the respective materials of the 2 designers are found. Handturned porcelain stoneware and brass and glass for the light.


  • Size: 16 L X 16 l X 17 h
  • Materials:
    Handturned porcelain stoneware.
    Brass and mouthblow opaline.
  • 1X Mouthblow mat opaline (X15 cm diam.).
    1X Led E14, 560 lm, 2700 kelvins , 7 watt, dimmable.
  • Electric cable (black/fabric)  1,50 m with plug and switch.
  • Designed and produced in Belgium.
  • Reference – SOBR01M

MARIE BRISART, Handcrafted creation of utilitarian and decorative pottery, turned and enamelled in Marie Brisart’s workshop in Hennuyères, Belgium. Marie Brissart creates and shapes pieces made entirely by hand on the potter’s wheel. This very old artisanal technique uses a rotating plate on which the potter, using the rotating force, centers a clod of clay and forms the pot. It requires a prolonged apprenticeship but it makes it possible to obtain regular and very light pieces.


Delivery time

Item will be shipped in 4-6 weeks



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