The Lemon Spoon Selection

The Lemon Spoon Selection

The Lemon Spoon is a movement that challenges both people and businesses to make a commitment to the environment. Founded by Caroline Vermeersch, The Lemon Spoon aims to inform & educate their audience thanks to a range of eBooks & a brand guide. The goal is to inspire people to adopt a change in their behavior towards a more sustainable future.

Discover the selection by The Lemon Spoon here : ‘5 Belgian artists who are changing the way we consume’, commented by Caroline Vermeersch, founder of The Lemon Spoon.

Artist Selection

‘I had the opportunity to visit LILU Bag’s workshop in Brussels. This preservation of traditional artisan practices is, in my opinion, what represents the true added value of a luxury brand!’

Manon Picot
‘These delicate, romantic little bottles remind me of the elegant reusable containers my grandmother used for her beauty routine. There is nothing like an object that takes us on a journey back in time; a time when everything was qualitative, rather than quantitative..’

‘I like the diversity of the creations and the rough, yet detailed aspect of these objects.’

Leslie Ferre
‘Having studied fashion styling for one year, I enjoy customising clothes. This brand of limited series reminds me of this passion that I have and unfortunately abandoned a little bit. Leslie Ferré invents a particular story for these clothes which transcends a feeling of singularity as soon as you wear them.’

Helder Antwerp
‘I like the timelessness and the elegance of the pieces.’

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