5 Belgian music labels in full swing

5 Belgian music labels in full swing


Exag Records
The label sparkled from Greg Noël’s fantasy to press vinyls for cranky garage-psych-rock’n’roll bands, host them at his place and help these smelly rats head down the roads of Europe with vans that wouldn’t break down and backline that shouldn’t burn out towards the million kinds of venues these days can produce.

Jezus Factory Records
The Jezus Factory was formed in 2006 and is an independent UK record label that specialises in Belgian and particularly Antwerp music.

JauneOrange is an independent label based in Liege, Belgium operating since 2000.

Capitane Records
Driven by the ideals of collaboration and self-management, Capitane Records’s primary ambition is to create beautiful records and humbly spread the word about it.

Humpty Dumpty Records
Indy record label created in 2006 and based in Brussels. Good vibes & local music only !

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