Great Mountain Fire – Movements (LP)

Five years ago, Great Mountain Fire were finishing their second LP “Sundogs” in the abandoned American theatre , relic of the famous 1958 Universal Exposition based in Brussels.  Back from touring, they met up in a wooden house south of the city to build the foundations of “Movements “, their third chapter. From this wooden house to one lost in sand dunes and finally to the band’s 15m2 basement in the center of the capital, the whole record follows a nomadic genesis and redefines the boundaries of the band productions. With the precious help of the owner of these houses and and sound engineer Julien Rauis, Great Mountain Fire is once again shaking modern indie pop’s palm tree. If they share some similarities with Tame Impala, Parcels or Metronomy, the songs of “Movements” abound with finds from vintage funk, a place of groove and emotion. In this post-disco trip, synthesizers spread like rainbows and undulating guitars embrace wadding sensual moods.

Between the sudden disappearance of homeless transformist beings(Caroline), and new political actions (“Wait a minute” ,”No Matter” ), the band paints its era, with its beauties and its contradictions.

The naive colorful artwork, created by 13pulsions (Manuel Francisco Murillo Perdomo), evokes the urge of climate issues and the real need to make things change .


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