Surround yourself with things you love

Surround yourself with things you love

Henri Matisse number one advice for happiness is to ‘always surround yourself with things you love’ : it will bring new imaginaries and keep you inspired daily.

Artist selection

Aurélia Deschamps
Adds poetic collage and a touch of colour in your life. It’s fresh and fun.

MER. Edition
MER.’s publications bring us closer to living art.

Hey Jude Design
A textile studio working with the artisanal techniques of weaving, knotted stitch, crochet and knotting.

Emma Terweduwe
Brings craftsmanship weaving technique to enhance your home.

Juul Prinsen
Her upcycled designs arise from the fascination for things and what else those things can be.

Studio NAS
Contemporary Design Studio that seeks the perfect balance between the functional and the aesthetic.

Local Fatal
A new collaborative, local and genderless Belgian label producing in very limited series.

The Ghent label Volmaakt brings together local manufacturing companies and designers.

Gabrielle Mogenet
Her work is a visual embodiment of her listening experiences from club culture and techno music. It guides her graphic & plastic choices.


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