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Flanders DC promotes and connects the Flemish creative industries. Official partner of NATIONA(A)L, Flanders DC offered 6 Flemish artists the opportunity to exhibit on our e-Supermarket. Discover their selection of local artists here, commented by Hanne Debaere from Flanders DC.

Artist Selection

Pieter Bostoen
‘Following “Angular”, a brand of 3D printed jewelry, Pieter Bostoen recently founded “Antimaterie” where he researches the ancient craft of ceramics and how to translate this into a contemporary context.’

‘YNGR is the physical manifestation of a hopeless dreamer’s creative energy.’

Helder Antwerp
‘Helder is an ethical high-end designer brand for women who love to blend their powerful independence and feminine romanticism in one distinct HELDER style.’

Go as u.r
‘Say hello to go as u.r, the one-stop shop for vegan-conscious products in the beauty & fashion-industry, designed for an urban lifestyle on the go.’

Georgina Sangines
‘Born and raised in Mexico. Designer Georgina Sangines founded the Antwerp jewelry brand. Her passions are bundled in one place, where she focuses on her creative vision on contemporary, timeless, and playful designs.’

Emma Terweduwe
‘Emma’s work is defined by the use of raw and natural materials that are subtle yet expressive such as wool and linen.’

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