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Kuun Design
“As an art lover I am thrilled about the upcoming generation of designers translating a deep respect for authentic materials & techniques into contemporary design objects.” 

Antimaterie by Pieter Bostoen
” ‘Antimaterie’ is a place where he researches the ancient craft of ceramics and how to translate this into a contemporary context. A unique design language can be recognised. Graphical and geometrical elements with a clear emphasis on craftsmanship and combining traditional and modern techniques.”

Tenue de Ville
“Timeless wallpapers, designed and printed in Belgium­. Ready to hang or custom size. Eco-responsible approach.”

Studio Nas
“Contemporary Design Studio that seeks the perfect balance between the functional and the aesthetic. Our goal is to create unique products with a story.”

“Passionate about decoration, we founded the Muno brand in 2001.
By creating our products at home but having them manufactured abroad, we quickly experienced significant international success.
After 15 years of intense work, we decide to come back to the source. Create objects that inspire us from local products and especially produce ourselves.

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