KU DO AZÒ – Hammock

KU DO AZÒ, “good work” in Fon, is a collection developed by Estelle Chatelin and Georges Ahokpe. It is the result of their exchanges about raw materials, their circulation, uses and textile practices in Belgium and Benin. 

Huge quantities of second-hand sweaters exported from the West end up on the market in Cotonou. The trio revalues these garments made of wool and other mixed fibers unused in Benin by creating objects for Europe. Because one of the main problems is that the importation of low-cost second-hand clothes on the territory is gradually replacing the work of the weavers. 


A bit like a poetic return to sender, this hammock is an object of resistance.

Created from an assembly of strips woven on Beninese looms, each hammock is a unique piece. The warp and seams are made of polyester to ensure the sturdiness of the object and the weft is made of unknitted sweater threads.

The weaver weaves during 4 days to make the strips for one hammock.

90 x 310 cm

40% polyester, 60% fiber mix

Supplied with 2 steel bars, ropes and rings for fixing

Other colors and sizes available on request with a 6 weeks production period.

Delivery time

Item will be shipped in 3-5 business days

1 in stock (can be backordered)



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