Ahokpe + Chatelin

 Since 2017, Estelle Chatelin, textile designer and Georges Ahokpe, weaver, have been in dialogue between Benin and Belgium and questioning the practices of weaving for domestic uses.

Couper décaler travailler is their textile research laboratory based in Brussels. It is through this laboratory that they create textile pieces from the concrete and plural realities that surround them.

Each of their objects, designed between two countries, proposes a story that highlights the two territories by expressing itself through the use, the raw materials and the production technique.

By shifting the Beninese loom beyond its borders, it is another facet of the tool that the duo values. The strip of fabric that comes out of the loom as an extension of the weaver is their field of experimentation. It is thanks to this format that they draw new forms.

In addition to their own collection, the duo produces custom-made textile pieces for the interior.

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