Priscilla Beccari

Priscilla Beccari expresses herself through video, sculpture, installation, photography, performance, drawing and also music with Mono Siren, an Electrosynthgoodwave duo.

In 2017, she represented the Pavilion of the Republic of San Marino at the Venice Biennale.

Priscilla Beccari travels through ancient cultures, even to Antiquity, to revisit the archetypes of body representations and the symbols associated with them. Her staging of objects, as well as her drawings and paintings, belong to choreographic writing. The bodies or fragments of bodies become signs or clues composing, like a rebus, the invisible narratives of the collective unconscious. Some of her works stage women in a bourgeois domestic universe of the 70s. The housewife is an example of these myths persisting in the form of fantasy as much as trauma. The sculptural treatment and immersive dimension of the paintings reinforce the mirror effect of our interiority. Finally, the intentionally naive or playful style, featuring a creaky innocence, evokes the naivety of the opening of consciousness.

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