Group Bath

Group Bath

Print on Hahnemuhle, 70x50cm

Limited edition 10


Group Bath

The subjects of these drawings are not the beings who inhabit them, but the decor in which they blend: kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, or bathrooms. These familiar spaces have become anxiety-inducing, cannibalistic, and systematically closed. However, some figures manage to escape the traps of domesticity: the Venuses, as well as a plethora of anthropomorphic characters, bird-men or rams, she-wolves… but their ambiguities place them in an in-between suspended on the border of dreams and nightmares, indifferently and therefore relatively frightening.

The boldness or stuttering of the lines, the rough appearance of the media, and especially their dimensions offer these images a form of incarnation, in direct contact with the exhibition space. One can approach the whole from a distance, but everything invites one to get involved: the viewer becomes a witness, the witness a voyeur… There is a kind of trap here, rather exquisite, to inscribe oneself in this series of forms, gradually discerning the strangest aspects, surprising oneself with the crudest details.

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50 × 70 cm

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