Louise Van Reeth

Louise Van Reeth is a Belgian artist (born in 1988) who favours natural materials (charcoal, clay, pigments, stones, gold leaf) to reveal the expressive possibilities of matter and to be anchored in tangible reality. Each element is chosen for its uniqueness, intrinsic beauty, and visual presence. The narrative that emerges from it is personal to each individual and does not impose itself immediately.

Roughness is sought after as it corresponds to the living, natural, and mineral world.

Several themes emerge from her work, such as the search for vastness, our relationship with the natural world, such as panoramas and deserts, the notion of ascent and descent. She is currently focused on her painting series entitled “Relief,” which references the experience of vast spaces, deserts, and the sea where the horizon seems infinite. These vast spaces where the mind is unrestricted, where the gaze embraces a totality it recognizes, these vast spaces that reassure us, invite us to merge with them, and remind us that everything is there and that we are part of it.

This series of paintings celebrates the materiality of the artwork as an open window to an elsewhere of sensation and a certain quest for freedom emancipated from the immediacy of life.

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