UP 2 YOU : An innovative, circular self-build package

ONBETAALBAAR + HITCH join forces to present UP2YOU:

An innovative, circular self-build package that meets your current or desired furnishing needs.

Together, we can meet a modular and circular challenge!

How does it work? You put together your ideal object/furniture/installation, select your favourite circular materials and finishes. We deliver you a unique and adaptable kit that you can use for a lifetime.


For your home, office or shop. So you can quickly create your own table, shelf, cabinet, desk, fitting room, … from circular materials and customise it yourself. In this way, you contribute to the healthy upscaling of all kinds of new, circular materials and modular hitches that can be reused for life.

The start of sustainable life insurance. ONBETAALBAAR realises customisation and interior design concepts with reuse and circular materials. HITCH provides simple tools to easily join all kinds of sheet materials together.

Curious about the options? Make an appointment and come and discover the workshop!

> esther@hitchconcept.be + sophie@onbetaalbaar.com


IMPORTANT: After purchasing the connector here on the nationalstore.be, you must come to our production space to tailor made your ideal object/furniture/installation. We will together discuss all the options and the total price will depend on the amount of connectors and chosen materials and finishes.)

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Item will be shipped in 1-3 business days

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