Michel, fils des âges farouches – Pierre Maurel

Michel is a freelance radio reporter in his forties. For some time now, he has been trying to reconcile his political and artistic aspirations with the hardships of fate, but without much success. It is not easy to maintain enthusiasm and perseverance in the shadow of the start-up nation of the Macron years.

But Michel also knows how to enjoy life’s good moments, such as announcing the birth of his granddaughter to an old friend between two reports on the striking railway workers, or enjoying a piece of cheese in front of a sunset landscape.

But because he is too busy with his own worries, he has not seen his parents grow older. And he has to face the facts: their incessant bickering about the small things of everyday life does not conceal their inevitable loss of autonomy. And it seems against all odds that he is the one to find solutions, even though he can hardly take care of himself. “Old age is a shipwreck,” wrote Chateaubriand, “and my lifeboat is tiny,” grumbles Michel.

In this new opus of Michel’s adventures, Pierre Maurel does not hesitate to abuse his big and plump hero by throwing him into grim and burlesque situations. But it is to remind us that, in the end, the only thing that gives us the strength to persevere is the attention we give to others in all its forms: friendship, mutual aid, the struggle and then, of course, love.





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