Michel et Les Temps modernes – Pierre Maurel

“Michel – les temps modernes” describes in a light-hearted and biting tone the plans and difficulties of the engaging characters Michel meets on his way. Money, health and love problems are tackled with a good dose of bad faith. As in Blackbird, Pierre Maurel’s vivid and rounded drawing accurately portrays the characters and the tragicomic nature of their situation.

Make no mistake, Michel is a critic of a society that leaves a large part of its population by the wayside. The commandment to always be at one’s best is painfully combined with the search for a job, insecurity and isolation, but the book shows us that on this side of the road you can also find friends, solidarity and even chicken Mafe.

Michel – Les temps modernes is a sequel to the now sold-out book “Michel” that appeared in 2006. Pierre Maurel continues to scrutinise French society and the anxieties it brings. With this second chapter, however, he wanted to add humour and even comedy to the situations he describes. Far from being bitter, the book can be read with a smile on the lips, while retaining the political overtones present in his previous books: Michel, 3 Declinations and Blackbird.




80 pages.


Michel, a radio reporter in his forties, lives in the modern and disruptive world of the Macron years: crowdfunding, Tinder and internet marketing invade his rather ordered life. The least we can say is that he does not share the enthusiasm of the rest of his generation.

This first album of Michel’s new adventures is an opportunity for Pierre Maurel to stage the cruelty but also the humour of the situations his chubby anti-hero encounters. For example, it is probably not a good idea to let a friend of a friend, who is a vet, treat a toothache, but Michel will only know this afterwards.

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