Lâchez les chiens

We are not noble. We are hungry. We are weak. We are submissive beasts.
We are dogs.

Cruel short stories in comics

Language : French


[This fanzine is an old print and has a number of faulty
aspects. Notably a fold on the middle page and the cut of it is far from
perfect. But nothing that can prevent the reading of it. I hope you understand that I made it with my own means some time ago.
If you happen to get a book that is unreadable, contact me and i will replace it.]

Lâchez les chiens or Unleash the dogs is a collection of short stories done between 2014 and 2017.
Originally all published on internet, this book is an unexhaustive selection of the project ‘Unleash the dogs’

14,85 x 24 cm
Offset printing
Color cover
B&W booklet
36 pages

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