Dr Cataclysm #1, Le Maître invisible – Mortis Ghost

While making a delivery with his crew to a distant planet, Janos Cola gets a mysterious golden arrow stuck in his heart. Instead of killing him, this object totally transforms him and gives him mysterious powers. Excited by this metamorphosis, he becomes ‘Dr Cataclysm’.

A piece of the golden arrow frozen in his body quickly attracts attention and a strange cartel of criminals ends up kidnapping him. His crew then sets out to investigate his disappearance.

This small, enthusiastic and lazy group, at the heart of a ship that resembles a roommate from the future, traverses space in search of the elusive Dr. Cataclysm. From chapter to chapter, magnified by an ink line enhanced by a sometimes dark wash, this story, full of fantasy, humour and melancholy, takes detours and allows us time to discover a moving gallery of characters, alternating between closed doors and chase scenes!

Although his work is full of references, Mortis Ghost has built an original universe of its own. Scheduled in 4 volumes through the end of 2018, this offbeat and singular SF saga is also published online in the form of stories to follow at attaquesurprise.com and grandpapier.org.



128 pages


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