warenhuys offers a solution to cycling in the rain.

A collection of rainwear customised to cycling, all-season pieces in a timeless design handmade in Poland. Technical textiles meet an artisan approach.

The collection consists of two capes and two types of trousers: A long, unisex cape and a short, women’s cape. Two pairs of unisex trousers; a pair of narrow fit trousers and a pair of flared trousers.

warenhuys is created by Maren Huysmans. After my studies in graphic design, I studied to become a tailor and learnt pattern drawing. I am a frequent cyclist and for the last few years I have immersed myself into rainwear that is truly fit for cycling. I designed models and drew patterns in my home studio. I worked on prototypes and adjusted them until I managed to find a suitable solution that offers the best biking fit.

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