Giel Dedeurwaerder & Brent Neve, founders of the collective studio.  The paths of Giel and Brent converge through certain patterns.
Starting from a few test cases to now, an effective collective of 2 designers to come out with pride. The first months already showed that their competences, goals and commitment were on the same wavelength and there vision was set.

In the collective design studio `Utilise.objects’ they join forces and combine their research, experiments and constructions with the purity of material and form.

A collective needs vibrancy, which is why we are constantly looking for new collaborations. Currently, we have expanded our studio to include the crafts of Thomas Eggermont, a very talented ceramic artist who shares the same values and philosophy as utilise.objects

For this determination, it’s essential to put the utility in proportion with our pure description into functional objects and products. 

In the designs of the collective design studio their common interest in history and evolution comes to the surface. 

They take their inspiration from Russian avant-garde artists, Japanese Philosophy and natural elements and experiment in their designs with different materials and proportions.

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