Nastasia Fine

Neither simply accessories, nor quite jewelry:

These are small treasures where to slip only the essentials. 

Almost exclusive, VERTIGE, BB VERTIGE and BB DESIR are numbered and manufactured in 5 copies per color in order to privilege a feeling of singularity.

Describing my bags as Objects-Love, I give them another dimension. 
A very personal meaning of my vision of objects: A crush, a memory, something that we keep and that makes us feel good. 
Mon « Armée de Poupées » represents the many facets of my personality and my background. 
The « coup de cœur » is a way of life. 
From the choice of colors to the choice of materials, everything is a matter of feeling and honesty. 
Scars are signatures, I repair to give life. 
Just between sensuality and childhood, each model tells a story.

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