Marine Penhouët

Born in Lorient, France, in 1989, Marine Penhouët is an artist of many facets and disciplines. Her training was mainly established in the field of printmaking studies, starting in France, and then Belgium and passing by Germany. Today, she approaches the question of image making through the different possibilities of reproduction itself.

The matrix concept is rooted. She takes advantage of different reproduction mediums in order to divert them. Indeed, as she twists and turns through her chosen medium, the common patterns change through her various actions. Medium such as engraving, drawing, painting or even silver photography. Making installation is often the means by which the artist fixes the result of the research. As an editor, under the project, Hypnotismezine (2012), the photocopier allows her to generate the multiple. In her personal practice, the same tool “glitches” images and texts in random movements under the flash of the machine. Through numerous allusions to the sun, the glare and the process of “revelation” the use of photography illustrates this inseparable link between chemical reaction and optics in his plastic language. The experimental approach to representation and composition underlines this persistent quest for the birth of the image.

Excerpt from the curator Lucie Pinier’s text, Matrice et Persistance, 2022

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