Keepers Knitwear

Founded in 2020, keepers knitwear is the fruit of the desire of a young mother and designer to create sustainable, long-lasting baby garments, aspiring to high ethical and aesthetic standards, and valuing crafts(wo)manship.

In her Belgian-based studio, Austrian designer Klara Finder creates knitted baby garments which fit a little longer than the average, by using sustainable materials such as certified organic cotton, and adding smart details to the timeless and vintage-inspired designs.

Each and every keepers knitwear garment is manufactured on a domestic knitting machine by the designer herself, adhering to a zero stock and zero waste policy. 

Thus, keepers knitwear aims to counter ‘fast fashion’ by ‘fair fashion’, which is beneficial to both our babies’ and our planet’s wellbeing.

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Credit Card and Bancontact.
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