Hélène Drénou

Hélène Drénou is originally from Rennes (France) where, after studying graphic design, she decided to continue her studies at the Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles in the silk-screen printing workshop. During her five rich years punctuated by an erasmus at the Head of Geneva, she started in parallel the learning of ceramics in evening academies.

Passionate about objects and decoration, she accumulates shapes, lines, boxes and motifs in a frenzy of small drawings, drafts and other accumulations. Seized, cut up and transformed, these motifs are integrated into pictorial compositions often in bright colours. First in drawing, then in monotype, Hélène Drénou plunged into oil painting.
Expressing a generosity and simplicity in the forms and by the chosen colours, she tries to transmit her perpetual need to create and to experiment with matter.
The genre of the interior scene and the still life has become evident in her work. They allow her to reinterpret her environment, but also to go beyond it, directly to the image, the material and the work of colour.

The everyday motifs that make up his visual language – chair, vase, table, cup – remain evocative through a raw painting style, but emphasise form and colour rather than detail.
It is therefore more the desire to convey a mood, an atmosphere, that is dear to him through this approach.

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