Go as u.r

Say hello to go as u.r, the one-stop vegan conscious concept in beauty & fashion designed for an urban lifestyle on the go.
go as u.r designs and creates future proof on- the-go fashion and vegan, natural beauty for women on the go with an active lifestyle.
With an emphasis on sustainable production, low-impact innovative materials & ingredients, and edgier design, this mindfully made fashion & beauty translates “colors, movement, and expression into powerful simplicity and freedom”.

go as u.r fashion is featured by effortless, easy-to combine monochromatic styles with fluid & strong silhouettes and is made from natural, recycled or regenerated fibers such as wood pulp and sea fishing nets.

go as u.r beauty contains a streamlined range of 5 effective, 100% vegan on-the-go SKINCARE essentials with science-backed probiotic formula & a high concentration of natural active ingredients to protect you on the go.
The multi-functional MAKE-UP line is richly pigmented and comes in bold colors for statement looks. 100% vegan as well.

By combining sustainability with the power of colors, go as u.r creates for “female urban cosmopolitans and curious explorers with a strong personality. Confident and bold. And always on the go”.

With each purchase of a go as u.r item, you are investing €1 in empowering girls and women across the world

We accept payments made via direct bank transfer,
Credit Card and Bancontact.
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