Frits Kuitenbrouwer

The passion for designing, building prototypes and manufacturing furniture and other objects in-house is a deeply rooted way of life.

The ever-expanding collection consists of furniture that is well thought-out in terms of form and functionality. Made from beautiful, solid materials. So much so that some of his designs have reached the status of icons.

Wood of primary quality, furniture linoleum, water-based varnishes and the use of oils for the finish, in this area too he strives for great quality and durability. With a very present attention to ecology: as little burden as possible on the carrying capacity of the planet, pieces that will last for years and even for generations thanks to their well thought-out method of production.

Frits Kuitenbrouwer’s furniture and objects are intended to be friends in the living environment. Where you get pleasure, beauty and enjoyment from.

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