Cy & Fé

Cy & Fé is a young Belgian creative label initiated by Cynthia Deckers, in duo with Félicien  Umbreit, two architects and artist friends from La Cambre, Brussels.  

Hand drawing prints 

Cy & Fé is the celebration of a unique style, inspired both by the surrealist universe of Brussels and the free and insolent spirit of Amsterdam, dear cities to the authors.  

The designs of the different collections are an ode to real and imaginary travels.  

Creative activewear  

Colourful and original, these printed garments invite you to play through free, unexpected, and sophisticated combinations.  

Available in a wide range of sizes, they adapt to all bodies and will add a note of optimism and fun to your daily sports and well-being sessions. 

Slow fashion  

At Cy & Fé, each piece is created on-demand and as locally as possible in order to reduce the impact on the planet.  

We use clean inks and favour recycled materials.  

Our products are Oeko-Tex™ certified. 

We accept payments made via direct bank transfer,
Credit Card and Bancontact.
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