The MOSUO x C.Pouki

The MOSUO bag is the hit bag in the city of Liège, Belgium. The MOSUO can be worn in 7 different ways.

This bag, especially innovative, can be worn as a backpack, on the shoulder, with a strap, as a handbag… and all of this, without having to empty your bag and changing form very easily.

Every MOSUO bag is unique, and made by Chloé, the designer of C.Pouki, in her studio. 

It is the ideal bag for those who like to take part in many activities in just one day. On a strap in the morning, as a backpack on your bike, on the shoulder to go out and have a drink. It also comes with a reflective strap to be seen in the evening and in the night. A lamp, made to light up the inside of the bag, is provided too. 



Each bag is a unique association of colors and weaves. 

When you order a MOSUO bag, your receive a bag that looks like the one presented on the pictures. 

However, it will present some small differences of weave and color, in order to guarantee the uniqueness of the pieces.


Colorful lining, key ring, 2 inside compartments, 1 outside compartment, a lamp inside the bag. 

Sizing : +/- 40cm x44cm x 3cm  

Delivery time

Item will be shipped in 3-5 business days

40 × 43 × 3 cm

3 in stock (can be backordered)



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