Suzy Embo

Edited by Tamara Berghmans


Behind the pseudonym Suzy Embo (born Suzanne-Thérèse Seuntjens, 1936) lies a privileged witness of the post-war avant-garde art scene (Cobra movement, 1948-1951). Suzy Embo foto’s photos 1953-1980 takes you on a journey of discovery of the work of this engaging and talented photographer.

With her abstract images, photographic experiments and richly contrasting pictures, Embo first joined the Subjektive Fotografie, which put photographic technique at the service of artistic expression. In the 1960s, her approach changed. She went from being an artist photographer to an artist photographer. Suzy Embo befriended Pierre Alechinsky, married the sculptor Reinhoud d’Haese and lived with them in La Bosse (France). In addition to her personal research work, she then devoted herself to making informal and intimate portraits of well-known artists such as Pierre Alechinsky, Christian Dotremont, Jean Messagier, Corneille Hannoset, Karel Appel, Walasse Ting, Pol Bury, Louise Nevelson, Alberto Gironella, André Breton, Jacques Ledoux, Yasse Tabuchi and Félix Labisse.

The photographer captures them during the creative process, takes part in collective projects and documents openings, events, theatrical performances and dance shows.

Suzy Embo. Artist Photographer – Photographer of Artists reveals a spontaneous view documenting the post-Cobra period through her rare images and reveals the photographer’s personal work.


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