Airpussy – Ulli Lust

At the end of winter, the goddess comes from the underworld to meet her lover. As dormant nature comes back to life, they celebrate the beginning of the new cycle together in a game of love. Inspired by the ancient myths of the sacred marriage of the gods, Airpussy is a story that is as silent as it is symbolic, and appeals to all our senses. In this contemporary transfiguration, a Venus 2.0 invites us to accompany her on an erotic ramble through the city. The search for sexualities – in all their forms and genres – will enable her to imagine her fantasies and perhaps lift her up to that famous seventh heaven.


This allegorical work, supported by a beautiful two-colour process, resolutely seductive and considerably provocative, is the first book by Ulli Lust to be published in French. Her more recent works – Trop n’est pas assez and Alors que j’essayais d’être quelqu’un de bien, published by Éditions Çà et là – reflect the themes of female sexuality, the search for pleasure, love, desire and passion.



Airpussy has been out of print for some time and is now being reissued in a hardback version.

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