Manon Picot

My practice of ceramics is centered around the production of functional and poetic objects. I started to learn ceramics at the age of 17, attracted by the multiple possibilities offered by this material and the desire to learn ancestral and universal know-how.  

I specialize in creating durable porcelain bottles for perfumes and cosmetics. These objects are a contemporary reinterpretation of alabasters; perfume bottles from Ancient Egypt and the fruit of a technical innovation combining traditional ceramic know-how with that of new technologies in the prototyping phase.  

Sensitive to the environmental impact of each new creation, I think of my creations as perpetual, reusable, or multi-function objects.  

I design collections in small series and collaborate with cosmetic brands to create exclusive flasks in limited editions. 

I share my workspace with talented ceramists at the Atelier des Tropiques : a place entirely dedicated to the creation and learning of ceramics in the center of Brussels. 

It is here that for three years we have been sharing our daily savoir-faire in parallel with the realization of our projects.

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