Leopoldine Roux

Painting is a way of staying in the moment forever

“It was a desire to escape that led me to paint. A need to touch, to feel nature, lightness and evanescence. The
sky as a landmark; According to the yellows, ochres, alizarins and other colored swirls, barefoot in my cave, I
swing from one canvas to another. My paintings are sanctuary spaces, allegorical, far from the world I live in.
The painting becomes a tactile area, reveals a feeling, exudes gladness, eludes color … for a moment,
suspended. Some hideaway paintings »

… The setting in motion of color, the exploration of its field of possibilities refocuses the practice of Léopoldine
Roux on a gestural problematic. For nearly 20 years, she has explored all the possibilities offered by color.
Whether through various materials such as polyurethane, chewing gum, nail polish, lacquer, gouache or oil
paint, color becomes the medium of Léopoldine Roux’s artistic practice.

Catalogue From Brussels with love, Marguerite Pilven

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