Making Arrangements – Collage Journal

Making Arrangements is a limited edition artist journal, on finding peace in the midst of chaos.
Only 250 signed and numbered copies.
36 pages, tabloid newspaper format.
Features 30 collages and poems created by Audrey Guttman.
Includes a centerfold that can be pulled apart into a standalone poster & framed.
Makes an ideal gift if you love newspapers, Japanese Ikebana and flower arrangements.

Audrey Guttman writes:

In Shinto culture, god resides in everything.
To arrange flowers is to harmonize yourself.
Arranging images, to me, feels the same.
Searching for balance, at the frontier between order and chaos, composition and decomposition, life and death.
Ikebana is poignant because life is so brief. And if collage is so meaningful to me, it’s because images are alive.
I wish you happy arrangements ❤️

Available online and in select art bookstores.
Sustainably printed in Paris on newspaper presses.
Full-color Inkjet printing. 
Durable paper & solvent-free ink.

52 x 37 cm open (20 x 15 in)
37 x 27 cm closed (15 x 10 in)

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