Haitises cyanotype photograph

29x27cm tainted cyanotype photograph from the series Stalaktos. 


The photographer’s gesture is not necessarily limited to the eye in the viewfinder and the finger on the shutter button, I like to get involved in the photographic process in an active, mobile and creative way. And to do this, the cyanotype is an optimal process. There is a freedom, whether in relation to the medium, the subject or the development. Indeed, I take pleasure in experimenting to create images without negatives, collages or turns of several products and durations.

The cyanotype process was developed in 1842 by the English natural scientist and astronomer Sir John Frederick Herschel (1792-1871). Cyanotype was thus the third photographic technique after daguerrotype and talbotype (calotype), with which stable photographic pictures could be obtained. Unlike previous silver-based techniques, cyanotype is based on the light sensitivity of iron(III) complexes

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29 × 27 cm

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