Aluminium steel frame with handselected schist stone
Dimension: 61 x 45 x 44

Limited edition of only 7 unique designs, signed and numbered.


The //CONTEMPLATION// design is the first piece available from verstrepen.studio’s first collection. Multifunctional as a stool or side table, the object is designed to intrigue, please and invite the viewer to contemplate. The object is made in limited edition collections of only 7 pieces, each as individual and unique as nature intended.

The underlying principle in this collection was to search for a way to present natural materials with the intent to create a sensory experience for the user. An aluminium structure serves as the building block, offering a strong contrast with the organic, natural material that is showcased in each piece of furniture.

The frame principle is used here in combination with a slab of dark schist stone, hand-picked from the schist quarry in Bertrix, Belgium. First oiled to seal and protect the stone, and then brushed to preserve its naturally matte look. The beautifully layered structure adds an amazing texture to discover while sitting down, creating a place for contemplation. 

verstrepen.studio’s research began with a manifesto on the current, linear design model that leads to an abundance of waste. He set out to tackle this waste problem, which is created in part by a lack of connection to our possessions. The intent of the collection was to reconnect with nature through the sensory experience of the natural materials presented in each piece.

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61 × 45 × 44 cm

7 in stock



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