• Connect our visitors with local artists, creative products and cultural initiatives across nine disciplines: Visual Arts, Music, Cinema, Design, Gastronomy, Performance, Book, Fashion and Digital Arts.

  • Share the best local creative and cultural products and guarantee the highest quality of the presented content.

  • Highlight the initiatives playing a major role in supporting and developing the local creative and artistic scene.

  • Support the creative and cultural economy in Belgium and make it bloom.

  • Recruit new fans of Belgian culture.


  • Belgium is the country with the highest density of creativity per square metre in the world.

  • Creative resources benefit wellbeing and function as a bottom-up therapy for society.

  • People need more contact with cultural and creative products and more time to enjoy, touch, read, feel, see, hear and experience creativity because culture drives social development, understanding and cohesion.


  • We will extend our program to all niche initiatives that play a major role in distributing, supporting and/or promoting the Belgian creative and cultural industries.

  • Our selection committee will continue to attach great importance to local artists and cultural/creative products with high ethical standards and promote openness to other cultures.

  • The Artist Supermarket will be an experience: the store managers, played by performers, authors, and poets, will ensure the visitors are immersed in the universe of the presented exhibitors.