NATIONA(A)L will help you to take a leap toward unexpected discoveries. Every month, we will promote one cultural product from nine distinct creative disciplines, each recommended by our selection committee.



Textile designer Nathalie Van der Massen and interior architect Charlotte Vlerick joined their forces in this first common project. They share the same passion for aesthetics and the timeless aspect of design. The duo launched AKI, a paravent that frames textile art in a functional way, as an autonomous object. The stylised and feminine design of the folding screen clearly shows the different layering of the complex fabric in linen, silk and rubber. Made by local artisans through a manual process with wooden fins, AKI presents a walnut structure finished with brass details and a complex fabric that was commissioned by the Flemish Institute of Architecture to study the light and the technical possibilities in the weaving phase. The warp is available in two variants - the tone-on-tone version 'Ton' and 'Akua', derived from an original watercolor painted by Van de Massen herself - and it is composed of thin slits designed to infuse lightness and transparency by creating a fine play of colors.

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Every year, thousands of Tour de France fans gather along strategic points of the race route with the hope to get a glimpse of the competition. Valery Rosier and Méryl Fortunat-Rossi, two Belgian documentary filmmakers hand the mic over to these Tour 'regulars'. Some of them even arrive equiped with a trailer-in-tow, a week before the event to be able to secure the best position. In this behind-the-scenes approach to the most prestigious cycling race in the world, HOLY TOUR reveals the human side of a  massive sport event, riddled with tenderness and humor.

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Animal Press

Animal Press is a Belgian-Korean publishing house, orginally set up in 2013 by Jinhee Han who was subsequently joined by illustrator Baptiste Virot. The duo shares the same passion for comics, surreal characters and traditional print processes. Their portfolio is stuffed with hand-screened prints, risographed zines and bits of bizarre commercial illustrations, which are characterized by acid-drenched colors and vibrant compositions. Animal Press aims to produce afforable comic books and illustrations that can be enjoyed by everyone. 'Comedy' one of Animal Press's latest releases is designed by Baptiste Virot. The stories in this comic are totally non-sensical or seem normal until you reach their bizarre endings. Each page is like a self-containted world with its own rules that can break down into chaos at any moment. Aspirin not included! 
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Brussels Collective YÔKAÏ, founded in 2011, composed by multi-instrumentalists from jazz, rock and improvised music scenes, is the meeting of 8 entities, different characters drawn together by their love of hypnotic grooves, trance-like modes and African motives. Initially heavily inspired by ethio-jazz, their psychedelic soup has since integrated heavier doses of ‘afro-kraut’ distortions and layers of retro-future synths. Yôkaï’s live performances tend to give an ever larger space to improvisation and exploration, making each show unique; their organic music bringing cosmic vibes and itchy feet to their audience! The name of the band ,YÔKAÏ, refers to supernatural beings from Japanese mythology and folklore. The peculiar and elusive sounds of Plutonia, the intro track of their first album, published by the label Humpty Dumpty Records, bring the listener into a consciousness-expanding state.
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Roxane Baines

Roxane Baines, who graduated from ENSAV La Cambre Fashion school in Brussels, continues to present collections that reflect the very essence of the philosophy of her brand : a combination of frugality and modesty embodying femininity, simplicity and adapting to the rhythm of the contemporary everyday life. Since its launch, the brand Roxane Baines offers an alternative : more ethical fashion that does not push for consumption. On the basis of small productions, the idea is that each new collection comes to enrich the previous one instead of replacing it. The goal is to commit day after day to a more sustainable fashion, paying particular attention to the selection of raw materials and production choices. The brand stands for high quality Ready-To-Wear, developed in Belgium, manufactured in France with a predominance of Japanese fabrics which perfectly fit to the image of the brand with its sensibility when touching the fabrics.'
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The Cidrerie du Condroz is an adventure derived from an inner passion for nature. In 2012 two craftsmen from Condroz, Roger Divan and Cédric Guillaume, joined forces to create the first artisanal cider of Wallonie: La Cidrerie du Condroz. Their cider is known for its sweet and aromatic flavor, which reflects the unique ancient apple varieties of the region. Roger and Cédric create this 100% natural flavor by only using unprocessed apples from local orchards, and by applying artisanal transformation processes, which preserve the apples' sweet taste. Since 2017, the Cidrerie du Condroz collaborates with Ferme Froidefontaine. This cooperative farm brings together various entrepreneurs who are passionate about agriculture and sustainabilty to create exceptional foods and products.
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Dries Depoorter is a Belgian media artist and a freelance digital creative with a background in electronics. The young artist tackles in an amusing and thought-provoking way issues such as social identity, big data sharing, encryption or the lack of protection of our online privacy. He creates interactive installations, such as the 'Get Popular Vending Machine'. The vending machine of scratch tickets allows visitors to win up to 25.000 fake followers for their Instagram or Twitter account. In his playful manner Depoorter questions our contemporary attention economy. So if you are planning to become an influencer, the 'Get Popular Vending Machine' might be your solution. Interested? You can buy your get popular scratch ticket for only €1 on Depoorter's webshop.

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Horst is a movement dedicated to developing talents, cities and spaces. This year Horst unfolds into a cutting-edge lab, an exhibition with new in-situ artworks and an immersive three-day festival. The exhibition and festival take place on the Asiat site in Vilvoorde, a former military site with six hectares of urban space, warehouses, a maze of corridors, green rooms and two iconic cooling towers as a backdrop. Horst uses art, architecture and music to activate and stimulate the development of the transition of Asiat into a new city district. During the summer months visitors will able to visit the Horst exhibition “Fallen empires and refound desires”. The exhibition infuses the public area of ASIAT with in-situ commissioned works, which have a strong focus on cross-disciplinary practices, hovering between artworks, collaborative projects, stage design, scenography and architecture. The exhibition runs from 14.07 until 15.09 and is open and free of access on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 12pm until  9pm.
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The Pool- SB34 is an artist-run projects space in which artists are invited to connect, collaborate and contribute to performances. At the end of August, the place will be hosting the performance festival 'IN(EN)ACTING ROLES'. This festival will use the book 'The presentation of self in everyday life' by Erving Goffman as a starting point. This book states that people display a series of masks to others in different environments. During this three days event, The Pool- SB34 will invite artists to control and stage human interactions by choosing their own mask. Each artist will get one hour carte blanche to create a time based work. 'IN(EN)ACTING ROLES' will take place from Thursday 29th until Saturday 31st August, between 5pm and 11pm. Get ready for a deep dive into the human self-reflection!
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