NATIONA(A)L will help you to take a leap toward unexpected discoveries. Every month, we will promote one cultural product from nine distinct creative disciplines, each recommended by our selection committee.



This Blueprint by R&F/F&R is a designdrawing for 'the wooden suitcases project'. This project is a perfect example of the humorous and playful approach of the artistic duo. With the wooden suitcase R&F/F&R can literally take their work from the studio and out into the wider world.

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Problemski hotel

This Belgian drama-comedy directed by Manu Riche and based on the bestseller of Dimitri Verhulst is definitely worth watching. Telling the story of the life of a cross-frontier migrant and his struggles to survive 'within the system'. His endless, futureless round of troubles takes a different turn with the arrival of a Russian girl. 

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Saskia de Coster

In her new book 'Nachtouders' Saskia de Coster explores the deeper issues of parenthood: What is motherhood? Can you be a real mother even if you are not the biological parent, and can you learn how to become one?
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The 22-year-old Belgian artist Tamino recently released his debut album 'Amir'. The first track on this album is his debut single 'Habibi, which is not only a showcase of his impressive vocal range, but also a display of his many talents and moods. 

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This pair of leather sneakers, designed by Fiamme, combines the look of a sneaker with the elegance and comfort of handmade leather shoes. Fiamme is an Antwerp based footwear label, established in 2015 by shoe and accessorry designer Elisa Mol. Elisa is inspired by the Italian craft of shoemaking and the rise of sneaker culture. 

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Champignon de Bruxelles

Le Champignon de Bruxelles is the unification of Japanese wisdom and Belgian folklore. It is the fusion of shiitake with beer. This concept is very unique because the exotic mushrooms are produced with recycled beer waste. The concept is a perfect mix of urban agriculture, circular economy and exotic flavors.

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Visit the exhibition 'calculated chance' in société d'électricité between 25/04 and 26/06 2019, and experience the 'code poetry' of Jodi. Jodi is a collective of two internet artists: the Dutch artist Joan Heemskerk and the Belgian artist Dirk Paesmans. Their most well-know artpiece is their website, which is also the trademark of their chaotic imagery. When entering oss.jodi.org, the website immediately causes fluttering browser windows to rapidly open all over your screen. 

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Nicolas Bovesse

'The Blue lake rug'  is part of the 'collection coloriage' of Nicolas Bovesse. For this collection, Bovesse was inspired by children's drawings and the youthful desire to color everything. The hand tufted rug collection is produced in India in collaboration with the Label 'CARE AND FAIR', which guarantees respect for workers and actively combats child labor.

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Sachli Gholamalizad

In her solo 'Let us believe in the beginning of the cold season' the Iranian-Belgian actress Sachli Gholamalizad pays homage to two prominent Iranian female artists: Googoogsh and Farrakohzad. The echoes of these feminist artists shaped the lives of several generations of Iranian men and women. 
You can see this muscial performance during the 'kunstenfestivaldesarts' between 11-17 May 2019.

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