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Loudordesign studio is an industrial design agency in Brussels which creates design products focusing on the duality and complementarity between creative and pragmatical solutions. The studio was established in 2003 by Jean-François D'Or who believes that design is a tool which has the ability to show the quality and identity of an object. The nuts cracker NUT ABOUT NUTS designed by Jean François D'Or is an excellent example of this philosophy. The oak wooden nuts cracker with a solid brass hand tool, was designed for the tableware collection of Maison Vervloet, a family owned company specialized in handcrafted hardware. To create this piece Jean-François D'Or used his neurasthenic tendencies and his convinction that fresh huge nuts are an excellent fuel for the proper functioning of the brain. 
"I am nut about nuts, you are nut about nuts, he is nut about nuts, she is nut about nuts, we are nut about nuts, you are nut about nuts, they are nut about nuts!" 
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De Patrick

"De Patrick" is the full lenght film debut of the Belgian director Tim Mielants, who previously acquired his stripes as director of numerous TV series such as Legion, Peaky Blinders, and Cordon. The film narrates the story of Patrick, a talented furniture maker who lives and works in a naturist campsite. One day, Patrick realizes his favorite hammer seems to be missing. The search of the hammer leads to an existential quest. "De Patrick" is a wonderful tragicomedy with a beautiful poetic undertone. It is a family drama about the peculiarities of people, about letting go and being happy with who you are. 
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[v] [wa] [d] [o]

Born in France in 1987, Léa Mayer lives and works in Brussels. After graduating from La Cambre in 2012, Léa spent the last decade applying herself to the development of a visual language which expolores the complexity of relationships between people and images. Her rigorous and intuitive drawing style investigates how we project ourselves into images. Her artist book [v] [wa] [d] [o], in collaboration with Pascaline Marque, resonates with their shared fascination for the visual and written languages. The purpose of the project is to draw an entire novel in rebus, using a childhood game and transforming it into a mind game. [v] [wa] [d] [o] is marked by the desire to intrigue the reader on two levels of interpretation. On one hand the reader can try to decipher the story using the rebus, but on the other hand, he can equally use his imagination to creat an entirely new story based on the illustrations. The plot of this artsy novel is simple and open to various interpretations. Each page is a new epic following a man's imaginary odyssey. [v] [wa] [d] [o] is currently only accessible for readers fluent in French, but the artists have plans for an English version as well.
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Monnik came into the limelight in 2015 with the album "Vondeling". This album was an almost solipsist experiment into guitar drone music. Over the years, Monnik has never ceased to experiment and purify his sound. His new album "Bitteroogst" is the result of a long period of experimenting and searching for his own voice. The droning guitar sounds are augmented by weeping banjos, lamenting lapsteel and buzzing synths. Monnik is represented by Consouling Sounds. This Ghent based music label was founded in 2008 as a label specializing in post, doom and ambient music. Today, Consouling Sounds has widened its scope to exciting, genre defying types of music, yet with a constant interest in quality and aesthetic! 
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Mellisa Deffense and Paris Malungu, the creative duo behind Snobe, met years ago at a private event in Brussels. They fell in love with each others attitude, style and personality. Bringing together their mutual passion for fashion and creative skillset they created Snobe, a Brussels-based leather perfecto brand. Their creations are a reflection of their own life and experiences. Paris gets inspired by his own family history. The new autumn/winter collection "1080", is an extention of the previous one "Je t'aime d'amour, mourir d'amour". The collection is inspired by the urban style of the youth in the Noordwijk of Brussels. Snobe evolves quickly, but keeps the feet firmly on the ground. Melissa and Paris put all their energy into their 100% Brussels fashion brand of top quality couture. ‚Äč
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MISUKO is a web based start-up producing and selling organic cold pressed juices, launched by two Belgian entrepreneurs Fernando and Jonas. Their main desire is to create small and healthy pleasures full of vitamins. Fernando and Jonas are convinced that juicing is more than just a trend, it's a lifestyle that allows people to easily reintroduce the consumption of fruits and vegetables in their daily life, in the form of a juice. MISUKO produces and sells cold-pressed fruit juices which are 100% organic, free of added sugar and preservatives. This ecological conscious company develops and designs products keeping the circular economy model in mind! 
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ECHO is a hybrid performance by Le Geste qui Sauve, a collaboration between performer Liévine Hubert, light designer Thibault Condy and musician Clément Nourry. The piece is performed in different locations and changes with each new performance. Re-composing or -deploying the piece depending on the space in which it is being played, ECHO combines gesture, lighting and sound to great effect. Manipulated and sonorised, the materials invade the space and come to life. The created shadows, shapes and whispers immerse the audience in a hypnotic visual and aural experience!
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Rebecca Rosen is a Brussels-based artist and printmaker from Montreal. She runs the print studio L'Appat with her partner Quentin Pillot. Her first graphic novel "Morveuse" takes the reader on a colorful journey into the dark heart of the "other" Brussels using a damaged young woman's inflamed nasal canal. "Morveuse" is a book about mental health, mothers and daughters; but it is also about what you owe to a social movement and what it owes you back when you become unable to help yourself. The bright colors used to illustrate the novel serve to highlight its jarring emotional intensity. "Morveuse" is published in French by Brussels-based publisher L'employé du moi, and in English under the title "FLEM" by Canadian publisher Conundrum Press.
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Ultima Vez was founded in 1986 as the company of choreographer, director and filmmaker Wim Vandekeybus. Since its foundation, Ultima Vez has intensively developed its activities as an international contemporary dance company with a strong base in Brussels and Flanders. The company always remains true to its own movement idiom: Tension, conflict, body versus mind, impuls, passion, intuition and instinct. On the 28th of September Ultima Vez will present its multidisciplinary performance "TrapTown" at C-mine in Genk. This performance will take you to a parallel universe, free from defined time and space. "TrapTown" will show you the limitless and obscure cosmos of the ancient souls, using dance, film, text and music to conceive a new mythology. 


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