NATIONA(A)L will help you to take a leap toward unexpected discoveries. Every month, we will promote one cultural product from nine distinct creative disciplines, each recommended by our selection committee.



Textile designer Nathalie Van der Massen and interior architect Charlotte Vlerick joined their forces in this first common project. They share the same passion for aesthetics and the timeless aspect of design. The duo launched AKI, a paravent that frames textile art in a functional way, as an autonomous object. The stylised and feminine design of the folding screen clearly shows the different layering of the complex fabric in linen, silk and rubber. Made by local artisans through a manual process with wooden fins, AKI presents a walnut structure finished with brass details and a complex fabric that was commissioned by the Flemish Institute of Architecture to study the light and the technical possibilities in the weaving phase. The warp is available in two variants - the tone-on-tone version 'Ton' and 'Akua', derived from an original watercolor painted by Van de Massen herself - and it is composed of thin slits designed to infuse lightness and transparency by creating a fine play of colors.

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Every year, thousands of Tour de France fans gather along strategic points of the race route with the hope to get a glimpse of the competition. Valery Rosier and Méryl Fortunat-Rossi, two Belgian documentary filmmakers hand the mic over to these Tour 'regulars'. Some of them even arrive equiped with a trailer-in-tow, a week before the event to be able to secure the best position. In this behind-the-scenes approach to the most prestigious cycling race in the world, HOLY TOUR reveals the human side of a  massive sport event, riddled with tenderness and humor.

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Animal Press

Animal Press is a Belgian-Korean publishing house, orginally set up in 2013 by Jinhee Han who was subsequently joined by illustrator Baptiste Virot. The duo shares the same passion for comics, surreal characters and traditional print processes. Their portfolio is stuffed with hand-screened prints, risographed zines and bits of bizarre commercial illustrations, which are characterized by acid-drenched colors and vibrant compositions. Animal Press aims to produce afforable comic books and illustrations that can be enjoyed by everyone. 'Comedy' one of Animal Press's latest releases is designed by Baptiste Virot. The stories in this comic are totally non-sensical or seem normal until you reach their bizarre endings. Each page is like a self-containted world with its own rules that can break down into chaos at any moment. Aspirin not included! 
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Sonnfjord is a Belgian band of five artists with strong folk sounds and fluid pop beats. The band is 100% from Brussels and when seeking help for the creation of their music clips they only call on Belgian talent. With their EP 'Lights' Sonnfjord intends to take an almost symphonic plunge into a serene musical world. 
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Roxane Baines

Roxane Baines, who graduated from ENSAV La Cambre Fashion school in Brussels, continues to present collections that reflect the very essence of the philosophy of her brand : a combination of frugality and modesty embodying femininity, simplicity and adapting to the rhythm of the contemporary everyday life. Since its launch, the brand Roxane Baines offers an alternative : more ethical fashion that does not push for consumption. On the basis of small productions, the idea is that each new collection comes to enrich the previous one instead of replacing it. The goal is to commit day after day to a more sustainable fashion, paying particular attention to the selection of raw materials and production choices. The brand stands for high quality Ready-To-Wear, developed in Belgium, manufactured in France with a predominance of Japanese fabrics which perfectly fit to the image of the brand with its sensibility when touching the fabrics.'
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Eating well does not always have to be complicated. This has been demonstrated by the restaurant Beaucoup Fish. Eating fresh fish and shellfish in a simple setting and   having the greatest gourmet at your fingertips, what else?. The chef Sofie Warnants (with references such as In de Wulf and Fäviken) and an equally qualified kitchen team cook authentically and brilliantly. Your taste buds will simply be waken up!. And moreover with this dish of the month: BBQ cod collar served with chili mayonnaise. This dish is, according to chef Sofie Warnants, a good example of successful collaboration between a restaurant and its suppliers. The fishmonger was instructed as follows: to keep the pelvic fin of all the cod he was filleting (this is the part between the head and the body of the fish). This so-called waste has a structure of tender flesh, although it has a thigh a little large, comparable to the ribs. The necklace is grilled and "iced" with a homemade BBQ sauce made from dashi and tamarind.
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Van der Auwera

The art of Brussels based artist Emmanuel Van der Auwera draws on his fascination for the production of contemporay imagery, and its subsequent filtering. With his video installations he tries to produce an incriminating commentary towards the many contradictions of our modern society. He shows a world of chaos, conflicts and crowd control, but tries to make sense of it all through the prism of scientific research and technological advances. You can discover his work at the Harlan Levey Projects.

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Marie Rosen

The young Belgian artist Marie Rosen creates work that addresses topics as the physical and allegorical relationship between body and space. Her style is widely praised for its orginality, innovation and unique refinement. Her paintings function as filters for more direct impressions of places in her environment. You can enjoy her art during the expo 'Noumènes' in the gallery Rossicontemporary until the 13th of July.
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GXII Festival

For the GXII Festival, the graduating students of P.A.R.T.S look back over their past 3 years. They will present a puzzle of works/workings/works-in-progress that span from their first year to graduation. It is a platform for them to share and show what they have done and what they wish to do in the near future. 12 days for Generation 12, 44 students and over 60 works. P.A.R.T.S. was founded in 1995, with the intention to provide a pegagogical anchoring for contemporary dance in Belgium, which had started in the early 1980s and had seen a quick and strong development since then. 
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